Discovering Astronomy: Planetary Systems & Life in the Universe eBook Only

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Authors: S. Shawl, G. Byrd, S Deustua, M. Lopresto

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Discovering Astronomy: Planetary Systems and Life in the Universe includes the chapters on the nature of science, the view of the night sky and how it changes daily/annually, Kepler/Newton/Galileo’s contributions, solar system formation, extrasolar planets, comets/asteroids/dwarf planets, the planets and their satellites, and life in the universe. Chapters on light, telescopes and spectroscopy are also included.

Stephen Shawl is professor emeritus at the University of Kansas. His research interests are polarization of light from cool variable stars, and fundamental properties of globular clusters. For many years he was involved with the AAS education efforts.

Gene Byrd is professor emeritus at the University of Alabama. Research interests are the dynamics of galaxies, dark matter and cosmology. He has authored numerous astronomy books for various audiences.

Susana Deustua is at the Space Telescope Science Institute where she works on photometric calibration of Hubble telescope instruments. Her research interests are broad and included being a member of the Lawrence Berkeley lab’s Supernova Cosmology Project. Previously, she was the Education Officer for the American Astronomical Society.

Michael LoPresto teaches at Henry Ford College. He has been active in astronomy education for many years and has numerous publications and presentations about astronomy education and public outreach. He has been very active with AAPT.